plant medicine retreat

Near Iquitos, Peru from January 2023-February 2023 – extension possible


Immerse yourself in the magic and healing space of the Amazonian rain forest and its master plants

The Amazonian rain forest contains an ancient, traditional healing wisdom that is taught through the direct contact with master plants and transmitted from generation to generation. Still alive and evolving today, it is able to cure many diseases and can be a valuable addition to our Western ‘modern medicine’.

Trees are teachers of peace, social coexistence and collaboration. The closed canopy of the rain forest embraces its visitors. It provides a safe space that the world outside cannot penetrate. For some this is disturbing, others rejoice in it. It is a place where myths and mysteries are real, and stories of giant turtles and healers who live under water for weeks (so called ‘Bancos’) become alive. The mysteries continue once one realizes that “incurable diseases do not exist, only incurable people” – for people in the Amazon it is completely normal to surrender to a plant-induced ‘illness’ to emerge stronger, healthier and more vibrant. It’s just unusual for us Westerners…

One of the biggest gifts of the rain forest is its ‘unavoidability’. You cannot escape its temperature, animals or humidity. In such an environment, plants are able to quickly and effectively change and re-balance one’s vegetative system and metabolism. It’s a true physical and mental rejuvenation cure! Topics such as obesity, addiction and other chronic, mental or psychological diseases suddenly become tangible and curable. The magnitude and diversity of the rain forests flora and fauna is an expression of true primal life force. Which is why – in comparison to most native plants back home – the healing plants of the Amazon have the ability to re-ignite our own primal life force and to set it free.


What is offered during the retreat?


Very often pollution comes from habits, attitudes and beliefs that create an imbalance or poison within ourself and in our outer life. Combined with a life style that mainly consists of sitting at a desk, a lack of movement, processed food and above all stress, it is no wonder that people cannot “process” any longer – no matter if physically, emotionally or mentally. As a result, the metabolism gets out of balance. For some people their metabolism has never really worked, resulting in health issues since childhood and a series of related dependencies: an overuse of medication, drugs, work, coffee, etc. is one expression of this dysfunction, a health or diet obsession another. The medicine of the Amazon helps to process old, unresolved emotions and to detox their physical equivalent from the body. For most people simply being in the rain forest is a detox and rejuvenation itself. Once this is aided by plant medicine, diseases and allergies caused by stress or chronic ailments are released.


Madre Ayahuasca is called the Mother of Healing Plants, as she unites the healing energies of different master plants within her. Ayahuasca supports one’s incarnation, as she very loyally connects body and spirit. Ayahuasca is also used to heal emotional, physical or soul dependencies and addictions. A rhythm of 3 ceremonies is ideal for an initial experience (see program below). In Motelo Ananda, an Ayahuasca ceremony starts at dusk. Everyone is dressed in white as a commitment and intention to let go of ego and fears. Each person has a prepared space with a mattress, blanket, torch and plastic bowl. Don Francisco begins the ritual by candle light, blessing and protecting the space and the group, calling in the spirits and ancestors, and offering Ayahuasca to each participant. Once he extinguishes the candle, the ceremony is embraced by darkness. Periods of silence interweave with periods of movement and song as the healer communicates with the spirits. The ceremony closes when everyone’s process comes to an end. The groups gathers the next morning to debrief. Note: It is possible to participate in the retreat without ingesting Ayahuasca.


Plant diets are the traditional way of healing in the Amazon and done to learn about the healing power of a plant or to cure a disease. Diets can last a day, a couple of days or weeks, or even years. Plant spirits approach human beings in remoteness. During a diet, one ingests only a single plant. It requires seclusion and isolation as well as abstinence from salt, sugar, alcohol, fat, coffee, fruits, sex and any other stimulants. The decision which plant to diet is based on a ceremony during which the plant spirits and their helpers communicate their willingness to work with the participant the healer. The plant medicine is ingested in the morning. The participant spends the time in seclusion in the room or in nature, focusing on the communication with the plant spirit. The healer accompanies the process from afar.


  • Arrival in Iquitos on Saturday, Nov-16 (or on Sunday early morning)

  • Departure from Iquitos to the camp by boat on Sunday, Nov-17 morning, arrival at the camp and opening circle

  • Monday, Nov-18: detox with Oje (for regeneration of intestinal flora and blood cleanse)

  • Tuesday, Nov-19: detox with a ‘green smoothie’, a mixture of different herbs and leaves (for general release)

  • Wednesday, Nov-20: Ayahuasca opening ceremony (one’s topic and its context emerge)

  • Thursday, Nov-21 & Friday, Nov-22: individual work (excursions, yoga, body work, meditation, plant diet, detox)

  • Saturday, Nov-23: Ayahuasca ceremony (one works through his/ her topic and related processes based on Don Francisco’s recommendations beforehand)

  • Sunday, Nov-24 & Monday, Nov-25: individual work (see above)

  • Tuesday, Nov-26: Ayahuasca closing ceremony (healing journey completes, one comes full circle)

  • Wednesday, Nov-27: Final ritual(s) and closing circle

  • Departure from the camp to Iquitos on Thursday, Nov-28 (depending on flight schedules, an early departure on Wednesday afternoon or a late departure on Friday can be arranged too)

The full retreat is translated into German, English and French. Joining a group, we become part of a collective healing process that allows us to release and receive on a much deeper level than individually possible. The facilitators combine their unique experiences to accompany the group and each participant.

Note: It is possible to participate in the retreat without ingesting Ayahuasca.

How to join?

Everyone from any corner of this world is welcome, no previous knowledge or experience is required. Absolute beginners as well as people experienced with plant medicine will get the guidance and support they need. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Katharina using the ‘Enquire’ button below.

Moteloy’s homepage is currently being translated into English. Have a look nevertheless, the stunning pictures give you a wonderful impression already.


The contribution covers all costs for the retreat (incl. accommodation, food, healing plants, individual work) as well as boat and motocar transport to and from Iquitos. Flights to and from Peru are not covered.

  • Early bird offer until June-15: CHF2.200

  • Regular price: CHF2.500 – registration closes on Oct-15

Payment installments are possible. Please get in touch if you’re interested.

It is possible to extend your stay beyond Nov-30 for EUR160 per day. Your family can also join you for the duration of the retreat (kids under the age of 12 can join for free). Please get in touch to discuss.