Angelika Maria Kotzur

Probably the greatest gift is given to the plants to those who understand that he causes all suffering himself. With the humble request for healing, the plants provide everything we need to change our posture, our structure. This is not an easy process. One has to accept the respective state of illness that medicine shows, no matter what phenomenon it carries.

For me it was a great challenge to have just found the forest and its healing power and at the same time to become a direct eyewitness to his threat from man.After we built Moteloy and the spiritual life began to unfold, we heard about deforestation on a grand scale. Day and night the machines were heard working, the forest was literally screaming.

Nevertheless, the forest has given us a rich gift. He generously shared with us his knowledge and healing power. It is a deep concern of us to make the gift of the forest available to other people.

After all these years of learning in and from the forest, I returned to Germany. I want to help people integrate their rainforest into “everyday life” and, above all, accompany them into their power with their increased capacity for perception, so that they can have a blessing.