Francisco Guerra Tananta

I was born in 1962 in Tamshiyacu-the eldest son of my parents, Eugenia and Santiago Guerra Tananta. There were 10 more children to go after. They ran agriculture and sold their products. As a result, all their children were able to study. Life wasn’t easy-yet full of incredible adventures. I still remember taking the produced products from the Rio Marañon to Iquitos on the Floss to Iquitos for 3 days with my father. 3 days and nights on the river-without light, steamships were hardly available. A lot has changed in the 40 years. In 2010 we started working in Moteloy. Together with Angelika, we developed concepts and gained experience in dealing with people from the modern world. In addition to the preparation and administration of various master plants, we produce our own ayahuasca. It is free of additives and is prepared according to tried and tested recipes. We offer rituals, diets and other physical treatments, massages and hot water treatments, wraps and other medical product treatments. These are either carried out by me personally or under my watch by experienced people.

I enjoy working with the plants. Most remedies are made available to us by Moteloy himself. A tremendous wealth is provided to us by the forest, which is everything to us Amazon inhabitants. With pain we experience the increasing destruction of the forest. Moteloy and also Acelpa give us the chance to preserve the forest and work for the people here.

While I lead the work in Peru all year round, Angelika accompanies 1 to 2 selected groups a year to Moteloy.

The rest of the year she works for the club and for Moteloy from Germany.